BACL Annual Seminar 2016: ‘Bernard Rudden – Comparativist, Legal Scholar, Polymath’

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Professor Paula Giliker (Bristol) writes about how aseminar held by the British Association of Comparative Law before the SLS Conference at Oxford in homage to Professor Rudden brought for her wider questions about the direction in which comparative law research is going.


The British Association of Comparative Law (BACL) held its annual seminar at St Catherine’s College, Oxford on 6 September 2016. Its theme was the work of the late Professor Bernard Rudden, Professor of Comparative Law at the University of Oxford from 1979-1999, who passed away in March 2015.  Bernard Rudden was a leading figure in comparative private law, who published a number of important texts and articles in the field of contract law, torts law, property law, in addition to publishing one of the first texts on EU law following the UK’s entry into the European Economic Community in 1973.  His seminal monograph, The New River: A…

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