Postgraduate workshops

The BACL Postgraduate Workshop on Comparative Law is designed for doctoral students working on dissertations in the field of comparative legal studies and related subjects. In a round-table setting, the 2-day workshop addresses both the benefits and methodological problems of postgraduate research in comparative law. Participants  are provided with an opportunity to present their own work and thus gain useful feedback from their peers, as well academics in the field.

The latest workshops have been held in the following universities (please clink on the link to see the programme)

Participants to these postgraduate workshops have shared the results of their research on this blog. Thank you in particular to Dr Mary Guy (Essex workshop – 2013) for reflecting on her use of comparative law in  her PhD (click here) and her book (Competition policy in healthcare – Frontiers in insurance-based and taxation-funded systems) as well as Dr Aristi Volou (Cambridge workshop – 2018) for presenting the findings of her PhD (Engagement between legal orders in the context of socio-economic rights). Dr Luca Siliquini-Cinelli  (Nottingham workshop – 2011), BACL rep for Dundee, explains how the PG workshop contributed to deciding to spend a time in South Africa for his PhD.

Picture Credit: Murray Edwards College, Cambridge