International Congress of Comparative Law

With the Scottish Association of Comparative Law (SACL), BACL coordinates the national reports submitted to the International Congress of Comparative Law.

The International Congress of Comparative Law, now in its 21st edition, is an event that started in 1900, at the Paris Conference, when “comparative law” started to be recognised as an academic field in its own right. It is organised every four years by the Academy of Comparative Law. More information on the Academy and its work can be found by visiting its blog, click here.

The next edition will be held in Paraguay, in Asuncion, in 2022. The list of topics and general reporters is available here. More information about this event can be found in following this link.

The previous editions were held:

In addition, IACL organises thematic congresses on a regular basis. The last one was held in 2021 in Pretoria.

The proceedings and reports presented at the International Congress of Comparative Law are published with Springer, in their series Ius Comparatum – Global studies in comparative law.

Recent general reporters have kindly discussed their publications on this blog. Thank you to the following contributors: