XVIIIth International Congress of Comparative Law

The XVIIIth International Congress of Comparative Law took place in Washington, USA,  in July 2010, hosted by the American University Washington College of Law, the George Washington University Law School, and Georgetown University Law Center.

The texts of many of the reports presented at this event were available on the confrence website at the time of the conference.  A series of books based on the general and national reports discussed in Washington were produced.

UK national reports included among other the following reports:

Section I D: Formation juridique / Legal education (Dr Julian Lonbay, University of Birmingham)Section III A 1: Corporate governance (Dr Marc T Moore, University College, London)

Section IV A 1: The protection of foreign investment (Dr James Harrison, University of Edinburgh)

Section IV B 2: Constitutional courts as “positive legislators” (Professor John Bell, University of Cambridge)

Section IV E: Comparative regulation of corporate tax avoidance  (Sandra Eden, University of Edinburgh)

Section VI: Computers / Cybercrime legislation  (Dr Julia Hörnle, Queen Mary University of London)

The following papers were presented at the XVIIIth ICCL as contributions of the Scottish Association of Comparative Law:

Section I A. Legal history and ethnology: Legal culture and legal transplants (Professor Dr Esin Örücü, University of Glasgow)

Section II B: Recent private international law codifications (Professor Janeen M Carruthers and Professor Elizabeth B Crawford, University of Glasgow)

Section II D: Climate change and the Law  (Professor Colin T Reid, University of Dundee)

Section V A: Corporate criminal liability  (Findlay Stark, University of Edinburgh)

Section V B: Criminal procedure: the exclusionary rule (Findlay Stark, University of Edinburgh, and  Dr Fiona Leverick, University of Glasgow)