Call for Papers – Droit Public Comparé – Comparative Public Law

Droit Public Comparé – Comparative Public Law (DPC-CPL) is a biannual peer-reviewed journal entirely dedicated to Comparative Public Law. Its aim is to develop and to promote the study and comparison of national and supranational public laws. The publication will be exclusively digital, and offer open access.

DPC-CPL will be supported by two committees, whose members will be mostly academics: an editorial board, and a scientific committee of more than 40 experts from 15 different countries (see below).

The journal’s editorial line embraces Comparative Public Law, understood in the broadest sense, namely: studies of foreign Public Law (Administrative Law, Constitutional Law); the comparison of national public laws; the comparison of supranational laws; the migration of legal models; the interactions between legal systems; the theory of Comparative Law. The approaches may be varied: theoretical, historical, sociological, philosophical, linguistic, and, of course, positive law. Interdisciplinary work with other humanities and social sciences is therefore welcome.

The journal publishes, in a ‘Varia’ section, original studies (republication will not be accepted) in accordance with its editorial line. Proposals addressed to the Editorial Board are double blind reviewed by two referees appointed by the General Editor.

The journal also publishes book reviews, following to the same selection principle.

Articles may be written in either English or French.
They should be sent to the following e-mail address: dpc_cpl [at]
Authors are asked to follow the OSCOLA Manual of citations.

The two annual issues of the journal will be published in spring and in autumn, starting in 2022.


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